Submitting a Project for Financing

If you have a project that you would like Wunder to consider for financing, you can kick off the review process by logging in to create a project submission. We recommend using this article as a reference when creating your first project submission. 

Project Type

The first thing you will be asked to do is identify a Project Type. Please read these descriptions carefully, as it will determine which questions we ask on the next page. Identifying incorrectly can cause delays in your review process. 

Third-Party Owned Project: This is a project in which your client either can't or doesn't want to own the system themselves. They are looking to save energy through a PPA or Lease. We'll ask more questions about who will be owning the system and whether you already have a PPA in place during out initial call. 

Community Solar: You should select the 'Community Solar' project type if you are intending on signing subscription or power purchase agreements with multiple off-takers, at least some of whom are not located at the project site. Wunder does not own or operate community solar projects so you should have an established plan for ownership and tax equity investment if you are submitting a project of this type. 

Feed-In Tariff: Also called a utility-scale project, this is any system that is selling power directly back to the grid. Ideally, you have set price PPA with a utility or municipal off-taker but Wunder will consider projects with variable pricing but strong expected cashflows. 

Solar + Storage: This is a solar project that has a storage (battery) component. Please include the battery make and model in your application. We will delve further into how we finance solar + storage projects during our initial call.


Project Basics

Project Name - You'll have to name your project. This is what we will refer to it as throughout the review process so please make it something distinctive that will be recognizable to you. 

Loan Amount Requested - While Wunder loan amounts are largely determined by project cashflows, knowing how much debt you are looking for is helpful for us when determining what offer details are right for your project. 

Total Project Cost - The total cost to build the system, or the contracted purchase price. If applicable, we'll ask for your estimated Fair Market Value later

Est. Y1 Production - This should be estimated production in the first year (or the most recent year, if project is already built) for the entire system. Do not provide production factor here. 



This is the section of our submission that is most often filled out incorrectly, please read these descriptions carefully. 

Name of System Owner - Who will be the legal owner of the system when it is completed and operational? This should be the entity that is receiving Wunder financing.

Name of System Off-taker - The legal name of the organization that will be using or buying the power produced by the system. For most on-site systems, this is the building occupant. 


Project Details

Stage - This section should be self-explanatory. It is useful because it provides us with a better understanding for when in the process you are reaching out. It will have a bearing on the Capital Access Date that we plan on offering and the diligence documents that we can expect to be able to collect. 

Energy Pricing- This section is different for each project type and is arguably the most important. It asks for detail about the current and future price of power for your project and is used as a direct input into our cashflow analysis of the project. If your project has a PPA and you are not being asked for a PPA rate, you have likely selected the wrong Project Type. 

Incentive Information - For many projects, available incentives play an important role in the value of a project. If your project has any revenue stream outside of energy sales, please indicate that in this section. Notes:

  • If you find that the inputs provided do not allow you to properly represent the project's incentives, please use the Message section at the bottom to provide details about expected incentives.
  • Please err on the side of too much information. To ensure an optimal and accurate preliminary offer any program that provides additional value to the system should be mentioned. 
  • Wunder will model the Federal ITC and MACRS depreciation benefits by default. You do not need to mention these unless you know your project will not be taking advantage. 

Message/Additional Info 

We understand that projects can be very nuanced. In order to make sure that we are starting off the review process on the right foot, please don't hesitate to add clarification if there are aspects of your project that might be considered out of the norm. 

After you submit your project, you will receive a confirmation email. If there are sales proposals or other documents that you think would shed additional light on the project, please feel free to attach them to that email and it will be shared with your Wunder representative when appropriate. 

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