Bank Connect

A connected and verified bank account is required before funding can be released on a loan.  This bank account will be used to automatically assess monthly payments for your Wunder loan on an ongoing basis..This page provides a step-by-step guide for how to navigate the bank connect process using Wunder’s portal. 

Connecting an Account


Step 1 - Log into your Wunder portal account. For more information on how to create a Wunder portal account, see Setting Up and Account. 

Step 2 - Find your Organization. Once you log in, navigate to the Organization tab at the top of the page. Select the organization that you are connecting a bank account to. 

Step 3 - Complete Bank Connect Information. Click the blue ‘Information Required for Bank Connect’ and follow the prompts. This step will request information about the financial point of contact and any beneficial owners.



Step 4 - Connect Your Bank Account. Navigate back to the Organization page and click the ‘Connect a Bank Account’ blue button. This will request the account and routing number for this bank account.


Step 5 - Verify Microdeposits. Wunder will make two small deposits into your bank account via ACH. This can take 1-3 days.Upon deposit, Wunder will send an automated email notifying you that these deposits have been made. Click Verify Bank Account within the email to confirm the amount of each deposit and verify the bank account.


Step 6 - Assign Your Bank Account. After you verify your micro deposits, you will need to attribute your bank account to your project. Log into the Wunder portal and select the associated project. Find the Financing tab within the project page and you will be prompted to select a payment account for the project. Use the dropdown to select the newly connected bank account.A confirmation email will be sent to confirm that the bank connection process was successful.


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