Why Solar Power?

“We believe the solar industry is going through fundamental change and the opportunity is bigger than it has ever been before.” – Deutsche Bank

Why solar is tomorrow’s energy source:

It costs the same as (or less than) traditional energy sources
In recent years, industry fundamentals have been dramatically improving resulting in a significantly decrease in costs. The price of solar-generated electricity is expected to be equal to that of traditional sources in most U.S. states by 2016.

Demand is soaring across the United States
Commercial and residential property owners are leaping at the opportunity to reduce energy costs. By 2030 it’s predicted that at least 10% of the energy in the United States will be generated by solar which would represent massive market growth from today’s 1%.

It’s a plentiful, clean, and renewable energy source
Just one hour of sunshine meets the energy needs of the entire planet for one year. Harnessing the abundance of solar power is one of the most promising ways our generation can reduce carbon emissions and combat the effects of climate change.

It creates jobs that can’t be outsourced
Solar is one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States, employing nearly 175,000 people and adding $15 billion to the U.S. economy.

Governmental and policy support is incentivizing development
Reducing the dependence of the United States on fossil fuels and combatting climate change is of high priority. Creating new and durable job markets is also a high priority. As such, state and federal governments are offering incentives to encourage further solar development across the nation.

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