I just committed my investment. What now?

First off... Congratulations on your new solar investment! That's great!

Now, back to business. Once you have submitted your new investment, there are a couple of remaining steps that need to be completed prior to your investment’s issuance. This process can take as little as 3 business days if all goes smoothly.

  1. Accreditation Verification: We will review the accreditation documentation that you have submitted to verify your status as an accredited investor. If we need to collect additional documentation from you, we will reach out directly via email.
  2. Bank Account Verification: We will deposit two small amounts into your connected bank account to confirm bank account ownership. 2-3 business days after these deposits have been made, we will send you an email with instructions on how to confirm ownership of your connected bank account. You will need to find the two small amounts on your bank account statement, log in to your Wunder account, and when prompted, tell us what the two amounts are so that we can complete the bank account connection process.

After we have verified your accreditation status and your ownership of the connected bank account, we will initiate the transaction to withdraw your investment principal. Upon receipt of your funds, your Platform Note will be issued.  

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