Why invest in Solar?

“Solar is one of the largest and most compelling opportunities in the world” – Goldman Sachs

If current trends continue it is predicted that the renewable energy market will reach $397.9 billion by 2025, with almost half of this attributable to solar. This investment opportunity has not gone unnoticed. Notable industry investments include:

  1. $100 billion committed by Citi to investing, lending and facilitating clean energy and green infrastructure projects over the next ten years.
  2. $40 billion from Goldman Sachs committed to renewable energy, including solar, by 2021.
  3. $15 billion from Warren Buffett into solar and wind projects through Berkshire Hathaway Energy, with another $15 billion ready to go.
  4. $1.5 billion in agreements by Google to fund large-scale renewable energy projects.

Why solar is an interesting investment to so many savvy investors:

  1. There is massive market growth opportunity with great upside potential.
  2. It has sound underlying economics, driven by increasing demand and decreasing supply costs.
  3. It offers a real opportunity to enhance the positive environmental impact of your portfolio.

Historically, solar investing has been a full-time job, requiring deep industry expertise, expensive legal frameworks, and large amounts of available capital. As such, solar investment opportunities have been rare, often painful, and limited to large institutional investors.

Wunder has changed this. We combine our industry and technology expertise to make it dead simple for any accredited investor to access a diversified fund of solar projects.

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