How is Wunder's financing different?

Due to Wunder's exclusive focus on servicing commercial solar projects, we’re able to tailor our practices and processes to this very specific market. While most financiers must cater to a variety of customers and opportunities, at Wunder we can specialize in commercial solar underwriting, dive deep into project details to understand both investor and borrower needs, and customize our financing platform accordingly.

To do this, we've developed a number of proprietary software solutions to reduce costs and speed up the financing process. For instance, we have automated significant parts of our underwriting, contracting, accounting, and transactional processes. Today, our streamlined underwriting process results in shorter lead-times, faster construction, and ultimately better value for everyone involved. 

Investors are now afforded an opportunity to participate in a market that has traditionally been reserved for financial institutions, while borrowers can now access simple financing with flexible terms and competitive rates.

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