Who can invest?

Right now we can only facilitate investment from U.S. investors. As a general rule, investors need to have a U.S. bank account and need to be a U.S. tax payer.


At the moment, we can only handle investments from Accredited Investors due to SEC regulation. An "accredited investor" is an individual that meets one of two qualifications, based on either their income or their assets. Investopedia has a good breakdown of these two qualifications here: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/accreditedinvestor.asp

The good news is that we're actively working to remove this investor restriction, but we don't yet have an estimate as to when that will happen. If you're not accredited but you're interested in investing, you are welcome to sign up for an account today and we can add you to the waitlist so that you're notified when everyone can participate.

Trusts & Companies

Investments from trusts and companies can be placed, but again, the Trust must meet specific accreditation requirements, as defined by the SEC.

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