What is the Wunder Rating?

The Wunder Rating is a letter rating ranging from A to E that is assigned to each Wunder solar fund to help investors quickly compare investment opportunities across the Wunder platform. The Wunder rating for a specific fund is a reflection of that fund's relative risk/return profile and takes into account key characteristics of the portfolio that a fund is expected to develop over its lifecycle. For example, a C rating would suggest more risk than an A rating. Therefore, an investor would expect a greater target return on a C-rated fund than an A-rated fund as a consequence of the fund's relatively greater risk. The Wunder Rating does not imply that one investment is inherently better, worse, or more suitable for an individual investor.


Image of a Wunder Rating Scale


* Note:The Wunder Rating is NOT a measure of the quality or suitability of the investment and is NOT meant to serve as a replacement for individual due diligence. Importantly, the Wunder Rating system is NOT similar or comparable to ratings from agencies such as Standard and Poor’s or Moody’s.

Wunder Ratings are for informational purposes only. Each rating is impersonal and not individualized for any specific investor's financial situation and is not investment advice. These ratings are not intended to be, nor should you interpret them to be, a prediction of how a particular investment will actually perform. Each investor should always carefully consider investments in any security and be comfortable with his/her understanding of the investment. An investor may also consider consulting investment professionals.

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