What is an "Accredited Investor?"


In order to invest with Wunder, you do need to be an accredited investor. What is an Accredited Investor? The term is used by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to define someone who meets one of two qualifications:

  • You earned an income of $200,000 annually for each of the last two years if single, or $300,000 annually for each of the last two years if married and filing taxes jointly with your spouse; or,
  • You have a net worth of over $1 million in assets, not including your primary residence, either individually or jointly with your spouse

Click here to read in further detail about the definition of accreditation. Please note that per SEC guidelines, there is a step within Wunder’s online investment process during which you will need to verify your accreditation status. Learn more about how we verify accreditation here.

Naturally we would love to allow everyone to participate, but this restriction is due to SEC regulation. If you are interested in investing but do not qualify as an accredited investor, we invite you to sign up for a Wunder account here. We will put you on a waitlist and be sure to notify you if we’re able to facilitate investments from non-accredited investors in the future.

Companies and trusts

For trusts and companies, we are currently only accepting investments through disregarded entities. This includes Revocable Trusts that use your social security number for tax purposes, or LLCs that us your social security number for tax purposes.

You will need to upload accreditation evidence to invest using a company or trust as well. For a revocable trust, or for an LLC in which you are the sole member, you will need to upload accreditation evidence to show that you are personally accredited. See above for more information on individual accreditation.

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