Is there a minimum investment?

There is a $1,000 investment minimum. We would love to allow smaller investments, but the $1,000 minimum is set by administrative costs (bank transaction charges, contracting, etc...) we incur with each new investment. Basically, facilitating anything below $1,000 is cost prohibitive. You'll typically find a similar minimum - or in some cases a higher minimum - on other lending platforms.

For investments that are committed using an IRA account, there is an investment minimum of $25,000. This minimum is set to ensure that STRATA's IRA fees (which are flat) do not negate the tax advantage of such an investment. It also reflects additional administrative costs that Wunder incurs with each new IRA investment.

There is no maximum investment limit. If you are interested in placing an investment in excess of $1,000,000, we encourage you to reach out to Wunder's investment team at

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