What is an acceptable 3rd-Party Accreditation Attestation?

Currently, Wunder can only facilitate solar investments from accredited investors. As such, an important step of the investment process is the verification of an investor's accreditation status.

One way you may verify your accreditation status is by having a trusted 3rd-party (your lawyer, CPA, Investment Advisor, or Investment Broker) attest to having seen evidence that you are accredited. You may do so one of two ways on the accreditation verification step within the investment process:

  1. You may provide us with your 3rd-party's contact information, and we will email them a brief form to be completed. They will not need to upload any documents or evidence, and the process should take them less than a minute
  2. Alternatively, you can upload an attestation letter that has been signed by your trusted 3rd-party. 
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