Becoming A Wunder Partner

Wunder partners with solar developers, EPCs, installers, and distributors across the U.S., providing simple and flexible financing packages for commercial solar PV systems. We provide debt capital in third-party ownership structures (such as PPAs), and short-term working capital for equipment procurement.

Why work with us

As a solar professional, here are some of the reasons that you should consider working with us: 

No Dealer Fees

Wunder does not charge any dealer or application fees. We're only looking to make money if we effectively help get the deal done. Our partners are not dealers, they are partners.


Most solar professionals have come to think of financing as the slowest part of the process. We want to change that. We’ll give our partners a straightforward follow up to their project application in days, not weeks. We’ll respond to messages in hours, not days.

Clear-Cut Data Requirements

We’ll never ask for information that we can get ourselves. After a 10 minute initial project submission (see Submitting a Project for Financing) we'll give a sense for what kind of offer might be available. In the Diligence Phase, we'll provide a standard and straightforward list of documentation needs. We'll review new information as it is provided, so that our partners know of any issues or questions as they come up. 

Solar-Specific Project Diligence

No need to explain how solar works to us. Unlike many banks, we don't look at a solar loan as just an additional line item on a company's balance sheet. We understand the value of the system and the power it produces, as well as the specifics of accounting for the incentives and energy savings. 

Technology + Support

Wunder is a uniquely software-driven financier. We provide our partners with a user login where they can access information about all of the projects they have worked with Wunder on. Admin partners can invite members of their team and connect bank accounts for wire payment of loan funds. We have real-time chat agents available to help with any questions partners may have while navigating the portal. 

On top of this, most projects are assigned to a Wunder representative who will be the point of contact as partners move through the approval and financing process. 

Who we're looking for

Wunder works with all kinds of solar professionals. Most of our partners are solar developers or turn-key EPCs who build at least 1 MW of commercial solar per year. When we start working with a new partner, we'll request that they complete the Partner Application so that we know more about their company and experience. There is no hard minimum on the amount of operating history that a project originator needs to have but generally speaking, the amount of capital a partner has access to and our ability to provide perks like milestone payments will be dependent on the partner's ability to prove a track record in the industry. A successful history of working with Wunder also helps to build this track record. 

Please note that we may need additional partner applications to be filled out during the diligence process by other organizations involved such as installers or subcontractors. 

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