Can I invest using my retirement account?

At this time, you can invest with Wunder using a self-directed IRA, provided that it is held with STRATA Trust Company, a leading national IRA custodian that specializes in facilitating tax-advantaged investments. If you do not already have an account with STRATA, you may sign up for one here (Be sure to choose the 'Crowdfunding' option, when opening an account). See how it works here.


Investment Minimum

Please note that for investments committed using an IRA account, there is an investment minimum of $25,000. This minimum is set to ensure that STRATA's IRA fees (which are flat) do not negate the tax advantage of such an investment. It also reflects additional administrative costs that Wunder incurs with each new IRA investment.


Why fees?

We have found that the fees charged by STRATA Trust are competitive for the self-directed IRA market, especially considering the excellent customer service that they offer. Most IRA custodians only allow funds to be used to make investments in publicly registered stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Self-directed IRA custodians provide much greater flexibility with regard to how retirement funds can be invested and typically allow funds to be invested in private offerings (such as Wunder Capital Platform Notes). Because of the elevated compliance burden necessary to facilitate these private investments, self-directed IRA custodians typically charge fees that are somewhat higher than fees charged by traditional IRA custodians.

Obviously, the principal benefit of investing into a Wunder solar fund through a self-directed IRA is that income generated by your investment is generally tax-exempt. In nearly all cases, this avoided tax burden will offset the additional cost of the fees charged by STRATA, and has potential to increase the effective return on your investment well beyond simply offsetting the fees.

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