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As of July 9th, 2021 All Collection Accounts will be de-activated and collection account management through the Wunder Portal will not be possible. To request a final account statement of activity, please email


What is a Collection Account? 

As of 2019,  Wunder Capital uses collection accounts for all project cash-flow management. A collection account is a bank account used for project revenue that is accessible via the Wunder portal.. Your Wunder collections account will receive all project revenue and then distribute the funds via the waterfall to eligible recipients according to the loan and project contracts. 

In addition to providing Wunder with increased visibility into a project’s cash flows, a lockbox allows Wunder to exercise control over the account and its cash-flows, without triggering recapture for third party tax equity investors in a downside scenario.  


You (the borrower) own the account, and Wunder manages it. Wunder’s “Collection Account Agreement” articulates the rules by which the account will be governed and the bank’s commitment to service of the account. It also explicitly identifies Wunder as the agent of the account and acknowledges that the account is the loan collateral per the executed Loan and Security Agreement.


Collections Account Setup

Account Creation

Prior to reaching the PTO disbursement milestone, you will work with Wunder’s operations team to setup and configure a collections account in Wunder’s system. Typically, this involves collecting information about the ownership structure of the borrowing entity, such as EIN, Articles of Incorporation, and the Operating Agreement. If you’ve contracted a loan with Wunder before, we’ll be able to leverage your firm’s existing information on-file with Wunder and will only require items specific to the new project. 

Waterfall Recipients

The waterfall is the priority with which entities are paid out of the collections account. This waterfall will be defined within your Loan and Security Agreement. Generally speaking, recipients will represent any ongoing payments that were included as an operating expense in Wunder’s project modeling (e.g. O&M, Site Lease, Insurance, Tax Equity partner payments). You will work with Wunder’s operations team to set which expenses should be paid out of this waterfall, the prioritization of payments, how and when these service providers or partners are expecting to be paid. Any additional documentation outstanding based on the waterfall configuration will be required prior to disbursement of funds at PTO. 


Project revenue including energy payments and any incentive revenue will need to be sent directly to the collections account. This can be done by including appropriate collections account payment information on PPA invoices or other requests for payment. Revenue can be directed via check or ACH transfer. 

The account and routing number for the project collections account can be found in the Wunder portal. Below is the address for check payments:

Wunder Capital

1743 Walnut St

Boulder, CO 80302

Note: All checks should be written to the legal borrowing entity.

Account Access

Account Access via the Wunder Portal is no longer available. Please reach out to with any questions or data needs. 


You will be able to access collections account balance and transaction activity via the Wunder portal at any time. On a monthly basis, at your loan’s billing date, available cash in the lockbox account will run through the waterfall, paying out any outstanding obligations. One such obligation will be your Wunder loan payment. Once the waterfall has paid out all expenses and your Wunder debt service, remaining funds will be swept into the connected borrower bank account.


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