Managing your Collection Account


As of July 9th, 2021 All Collection Accounts (opened under Evolve Bank & Trust) will be de-activated and collection account management through the Wunder Portal will not be possible. To request a final account statement of activity, please email





Once project revenue has begun flowing through the project lockbox collections account, you will be able to find transactional activity within your Wunder portal. To access this, log into your Wunder account and select the project. On the Overview tab, you will be able to view the lockbox balance and see the next scheduled payout. All transactional activity will be listed here including any revenue deposits and all payouts from the project waterfall. This activity is available in a CSV download at the bottom of the page.

Select the Configuration tab within the lockbox to find out more about your lockbox set up. Here you can view the lockbox account and routing numbers by clicking the Reveal button. Your waterfall configuration including prioritization order and entities to be paid is available on this page as well. If you have any questions about your waterfall configuration or would like to make any changes, please contact us at 

How will I see my account information?

Any member of the borrower organization with access to the Wunder portal will be able to view the balance and transaction history of the collection account. As soon as the lockbox is connected to the project, all users of the borrower organization will see a lockbox module on the Project Page of the Borrower Portal. Click on your lockbox module, and you will be taken to a lockbox page that shows your account balance and transaction history. You will also be able to view the ‘configuration’ or ‘prioritized recipient list’.

What if there is not enough cash in the lockbox?

If the cash balance in the lockbox is not large enough to cover a payment to an external party, Wunder will pay $0 to that recipient and notify you of the outstanding obligation (to be paid out of another account under your control). If the cash balance in the lockbox is not large enough to cover a Wunder loan payment, Wunder will withdraw as much as is available and charge the Backup Payment Account (a connected, borrower-controlled bank account) the remaining balance.

Which payment methods does Wunder Capital support for lockboxes?

Payments being made into the lockbox can be made via wire or ACH to the lockbox account and routing number, or via check written out to the borrowing entity and mailed to the address listed below. If revenue is being received by check, checks should be written out to the legal borrowing entity and mailed to the following address:

Wunder Capital

1743 Walnut St

Boulder, CO 80302


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