Commercial General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance are requirements for the release funds at the first disbursement of any loan. Note: Insurance is the most commonly rejected document that often leads to delay of funding. 

Follow the checklists below to ensure your insurance is acceptable and find example certificates to guide your review.  

Have your Loan and Security Agreement (LSA) (downloadable from the borrower portal) and the project’s EPC contract handy for reference. 

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Wunder requires Commercial General Liability coverage on all projects. Use the checklist and accompanying Example A to ensure your insurance policy is compliant with Wunder’s requirements. 

Commercial General Liability Insurance Checklist:


Example A - Certificate of Liability Insurance



Property Insurance

Property Insurance coverage can either be evidenced by: (1) a standalone Certificate of Property Insurance (see Example B); or (2) a certificate that combines both General Liability and Property Insurance (see Example C). Use the checklist below and accompanying Examples B and C to ensure your insurance policy is compliant with Wunder’s requirements. 

Property Insurance Checklist:


Example B - Standalone Certificate of Property Insurance 


Example C - Combined Liability and Property Insurance 





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