Invoices are a requirement for the release of funds at every disbursement. Invoices are necessary for Wunder to understand what the flow of funds are, what entity we are disbursing to, and for what costs. Note: Rejected invoices are a common reason for delayed disbursement. 

There are three main steps to ensure that your invoices are approved. This page will guide you through all processes. 

  • Step 1. Identify your transaction type
  • Step 2. Provide the right documentation
  • Step 3. Ensure your documentation meets Wunder’s requirements

Step 1: Identify your transaction type

Transactions fall into four categories depending on the flow of funds and each requires different data requirements. Follow the decision tree outlined below to identify which transaction type is applicable for your disbursement.

Transaction Type Decision Tree:



Step 2. Provide the right documentation

Now that you know the type of transaction of your disbursement, use the table below to identify what documentation you’ll need to submit.  



Step 3: Ensure your documentation meets Wunder’s requirements

Check whether your required documentation meets Wunder’s requirements. Below you will find checklists and examples of invoices. 

Checklist for EPC / Vendor Invoice - Procurement Disbursement:


Example A - EPC / Vendor Invoice - Procurement Disbursement



Checklist for EPC / Vendor Invoice - Non-Procurement Disbursement:


Example B - EPC / Vendor Invoice - Non-Procurement Disbursement 



Checklist for 2nd Invoice from Developer/HoldCo to the Borrower:


Example C -  2nd Invoice from Developer / HoldCo to the Borrower



Checklist for Proof of Payment:

When the invoice from the EPC / Vendor has been paid by the Borrower or Developer, Wunder requires proof of this payment. Acceptable evidence includes the following:

  • Screenshot of the bank account activity
  • Bank statement
  • Wire confirmation 

Use the checklist below to ensure the evidence is acceptable.


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